Sunday, March 20, 2011

366. Goal Achieved!!!

I started writing mothersofbrothersblog last June, with the intent that I would write one essay per day for an entire year. Yes, it is only March, but owing to the obsessiveness of my Virgo personality (writing two or three posts some days), I am ahead of schedule and am presently at 365 blog entries. Personal goal achieved!

I feel just like The Husband must’ve felt when he completed that marathon he had trained so diligently for (well, minus the over-hydration, 911 call, ambulance trip, and overnight hospital visit—other than that, EXACTLY the same). I have looked my goal in the face, and said, “Ha! I can do that!”

But where does that leave us now, you and I?

Good question. I have discovered a huuuuuuuge love of writing (I must love it, I’ve done this all for free: I’ve never advertised any products whatsoever), and I cannot walk away from that. After much soul-searching (well, like an hour or so) and a couple of glasses of wine, I’ve reached a decision: I plan to write my blog once a week and post it every Sunday morning.

This way, I will get back hours of time that were previously devoted to writing, and that now can be invested in more important creative pursuits, like, uh, laundry. You still get to laugh at my quirky essays, and my family gets clean underwear. Win/ win for everyone.

And, unlike some of those “other” blogs that only post randomly every once in a while and readers never know when that might be (you know who you are, Hyperbole and a Half), I promise I will post an original and entertaining new essay for your reading enjoyment every Sunday morning. (If you need more of a MOV “fix” than that, you can always go back and read or reread some of my older posts; and, I am currently working on getting my best essays compiled into a book.)

Still need convincing? If I have a solid week to work on one piece, imagine how funny it will be! (And if you think you have a fabulous topic for me, feel free to suggest it.)

Finally, I would like to give a big thank you to all my loyal and devoted fans. You have stayed with me through my countless anecdotes about Tall and Short, their school, The Husband, my freighbors, my job at the high-end kitchen store, and my cult-like adoration of Target. I started with about two followers (Hi, Hobbes!) and now by the miracle of the internet, I have 121 followers and over 20,000 hits in the lifetime of my blog. I could not have done this without each and every one of you, championing my cause (laughter) and telling your friends about my blog.

Thank you! And I’ll see you next Sunday. 



  1. wah! i guess now i have no excuse to not read your archives (goodbye, un-funny tivo comments!)and will still get a weekly MOV fix. i suppose i should subscribe via email so i don't forget about you entirely... congrats and happy writing.

  2. Thank you, Megan! Your sweet comments always make my day. :) And yes, definitely check out my archives..........
    (and readers, take a minute and check out Megan's blog, click on her name above in her comment)


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