Wednesday, March 9, 2011

354. Thursday's Brand New Blog

Remember?  I am on a computer diet.  No computer for 24 hours, every other day.  On the "on" days, I can have my fix and have as much computer as I like.  On the "off" days-- cold turkey. 

Thursday this week happens to fall on an "off" day.  Cold turkey.  No new blog for you.  You have to go back and read yesterday's (which is, truly, quite amusing) or just wait for tomorrow's. 

You can do it.  I am saving up some really good material.  I promise.  (Yikes, now the pressure is on!)

("Mondays On Vacation")


  1. I feel like you're the Blog Nazi...NO BLOG FOR YOU! as in Seinfeld's the Soup Nazi...NO SOUP FOR YOU. Looking forward to tomorrow's blog! :)

  2. Hmm, for me, I think this kind of diet would be about as successful as any other diet I've tried. Good luck!

  3. Dawn, you make me laugh. :) Seinfeld was my all-time favorite show, so any kind of comparison (even just a passing comparison) is coveted!
    Le'Ann, I am struggling with the one day on, one day off........ but I know it is better for my family (and my mental health?) if I step away from the glowing screen once in a while. Easier said than done!!


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