Friday, February 18, 2011

335. By The Numbers

Have you ever flipped through House Beautiful or some other magazine and stumbled upon one of those inane by-the-number charts? You know the ones: they’ll say “6: Number of gallons of paint used on this project” or “980: Number of square feet added with the new addition.” Those number charts are just plain dumb, that’s all there is to it.

Oh, wait …
  1. Number of times I’ve been to Tahiti
  2. Number of wonderful sons I have
  3. Those very special words I long to hear (“Husband did dishes”)
  4. Hours of uninterrupted sleep I get per night
  5. Minutes of time I get by myself per day
  6. Number of books I’ve read in the past year (Who am I kidding? Decade)
  7. Loads of laundry I do every morning
  8. Size jeans I used to wear before I had kids (Bye-bye, Size 8! I miss you!)
  9. M&Ms I can eat in one mouthful
  10. The rating I give my kooky family (as in, “Perfect 10”)
Random numbers:

4380: approximate number of diapers I’ve changed in the past seven years
2920: number of bottles I’ve made for my sons
236: number of cases of wine The Husband and I have breezed through since having kids
19: number of cases of wine The Husband and I drank in the six years before we had kids
1: number of jobs I quit when I decided to stay at home with my babies
Gazillion: the number of free flights I could no longer go on after I quit flying
Infinity: the scientifically accurate measurement of love I have for my sons
A million: the number of times I’d do it all over again
Too many to count: the number of blessings I have


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