Wednesday, February 16, 2011

333. Yet Another New Year's Resolution

So I was having this long discussion with my girlfriend Charlotte about New Year’s Resolutions. She was bragging about the fact that even though we were halfway through February, she has kept her primary resolution. Exercise? Stop drinking? Keep a journal? No. Charlotte has resolved to Answer The Phone.

I laugh. What a stupid resolution. How hard can it be to answer the phone? Then, she fills me in on the back story for her resolution. Seems she’d been avoiding answering her phone, like, ever. She would merely let the calls go directly to voicemail, and then listen to all her messages at one specific time: Later. The problem, she tells me, is that she either gets caught up in an endless game of phone tag, or she ends up forgetting to phone people back all together; and, she’s been accused of excessively screening calls.

I stop and think about her revolutionary Answering The Phone Method. Would this be a good technique for me to adopt as well? I decide it wouldn’t. I prefer seeing a number I recognize, and then determining whether or not I want to (and/or have time to) talk to that person right now. Charlotte’s way seems so … accommodating. To the point of giving up control, and allowing the caller to decide when he/ she wants to talk.

But Charlotte is a nice person, a good friend, and basically someone I want to emulate. You know what? Maybe her resolution isn’t so stupid after all.

Just for kicks, I think I’ll answer the phone. Hey, it’s ringing right now!

(Great, a telemarketer. Thanks, Charlotte.)



  1. oh how sweet and antiquated! it's like answering machines and caller id were never invented.

    i hate answering the phone, so i don't. and you know what? it works really really well. people give up. friends stop calling. and then i hardly ever have to answer. and when the phone does ring, it probably is a telemarketer. or my mom. but she's usually trying to sell me something. so yeah, it's just telemarketers.

    it's liberating really, being shunned for my lack of reciprocation of others' attempts at being sociable.

  2. megan, are you giving me *permission* to be anti-social? because if you are ... thank you!!

  3. join me and my exclusive cult of hermit misanthropes, population: 1. you'll like it here.


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