Thursday, February 3, 2011

318. Oakley Knows All About Twitterbook

My sister, Oakley, is at it again. She sends me an oh-so-helpful email, basically telling me that there’s a crucial feature missing from my blog, a feature that, with the click of a mouse, my readers could “share” my blog entries with their other friends via twitter or Facepost or any of those other social sites that I know nothing about.

Message to Oakley: besides all signs to the contrary, I am not a complete idiot. While I do appreciate you offering “technical” help and knowledge, I can get along just fine by myself, thankyouverymuch.

After much consideration, and because she has been right once or twice in the past (or 100 times, I can’t keep up), I decide to check out the link she sent me. Oops! Looks like I accidentally deleted it my computer that is possessed purposely deleted it. 

Time to grovel:

“Hi Oak!
How are you? Great to hear from you.  :) Hey, uh, can you please resend the link on how to set up twitterface and Bookpost features for my blog? I want my readers to know I am ‘hip’ and up on all the latest fads and all, so I think you’re right, that would be good to add. And where would the feature appear? Would it be right on the bottom of each blog, in the lower right corner? I think that would be a good spot.

I hope I don’t delete her next email before I figure out how to do it. Yikes.

("Mom's On Vacebook!")

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  1. I don't Facebook or Twitter. Weird, I know. Just got a cell phone 2 years ago when we experienced a horrific storm where we live and all power and communication was out for about 6 days. Maybe I'm Amish too? (Luddite?)


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