Sunday, January 30, 2011

314. Plagiarism

Well.  I worked all day, and now I don't have any energy.  Therefore, I'm stealing a story (without permission!!  I hope I don't get fired now, see what I go thru for you, my precious blog readers?) from The Boss at the high-end kitchen store.  Here we go:

Her nephew Morris (age 4, same age as my son Short) was at at Target shopping with his dad.  Morris noticed a woman with CRAZY red hair, a very Hollywood unnatural shade of neon, and he commented to his daddy,  "Daddy, look at that lady's hair!  Why is it that color?!" 

The dad was mortified that the lady might hear him, so he leaned down to Morris and said, "Morris!  Stop!  That is awful." 

Morris immediately refrained from further commenting until ...  they were in the check out lane, and there is Miss Neon Hair, right in front of them in line.  Morris tapped his daddy on the leg and said (loudly-- of course he said it loudly): 

"Daddy, you're right:  her hair IS awful." 


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