Friday, January 7, 2011

290. Ode On Coffee

Oh coffee, coffee
In the pot,
I like you cold
But prefer you hot.

I like you in the morning
Or afternoon too.
If I don’t have coffee
I come unglued.

Espresso, cappuccino,
I don’t care,
Just give me caffeine
And I’m there!

I walk in the kitchen
And start to pout,
Because when I open the cupboard...
“How can we be out?!”

("Mother's Oblique Vice")


  1. Great poem!! I had a melt-down yesterday when I fixed my coffee and found out there was no milk. Fortunately, husband was home & he went out & picked up a latte for me.

  2. This was the story of my life this week. And let me just say, tea doesn't cut it.

  3. thanks for the reminder! i'm almost out and due for a trip to costco! we drink tea during the week (much faster than our beloved percolator) but if i don't get coffee on the weekends i'm a mean old mama.


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