Wednesday, January 5, 2011

288. Social Life

Then: “MOV, let’s see a movie!”
Now: “Can Tall come over for a playdate on the 12th?”
Then: “Would you like to go shopping with me after we have lunch, MOV?”
Now: “Short is invited to a birthday party on the 28th.”
Then: “MOV, can you and your husband meet us for drinks this Friday night?”
Now: “Tall’s basketball game was switched to this Tuesday afternoon.”
Then: “I have two tickets to that play you wanted to see! Are you free Saturday, MOV?”
Now: “Can Short join us for ice-skating?”
Then: “Please meet us to go shoot pool Wednesday night.”
Now: “Please drop Tall off at the pool after school on Wednesday.”
Then: “Hon, I’m exhausted. Let’s have a night in.”
Now: “Mom, we never get to do anything. Can we have a playdate?”

("Milieu Or Variable")

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