Tuesday, January 4, 2011

284. New Year's Resolution # 5

As of today, I will no longer have my 4-year-old son accompany me to the grocery store where he oh-so-helpfully proclaims (loudly, and in front of strangers), “Mommy! Don’t forget your vino! The wine aisle is right over here!”

(“Mistress Of Vino”)


  1. Always can count on the little people to point out the important stuff at all the most appropriate times!



  2. It's really fun when they ask... Mommy, what's a tampon?

  3. How about when my now almost 15 year old son was 3 he said, very loudly in a grocery store I might add, " Mommy there's the mouth washing soap! Don't for get it we might need it again!" We were standing in front of the dawn dish soap at


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