Sunday, January 2, 2011

283. Is Chocaholism Hereditary?

Short wakes up and heads straight to the kitchen. He locates his Christmas chocolate coins quietly and efficiently. The only traces I find later are a few crumpled candy wrappers on the counter. Where did he get this nasty habit of consuming chocolate before 8 AM, I wonder to myself as I sip my 3rd cup of predawn chocolate hot cocoa. Must be The Husband’s side of the family.

("Mostly Orders Valrhona")


  1. ha ha. I Maybe it is, because my kid and I BOTH like chocolate OK, but wouldn't sneak around for it!

  2. I suspect Lucy is related to short...

  3. Does Lucy like to destroy the older brother's LEGO creations out of spite? then yes, they are related......
    MOV :)

  4. I don't think Lucy knows the concept of spite. That is one of her few redeeming qualities. She does, however, know how to maximize her cuteness when caught in a compromising position, such as having eaten all the stocking chocolate.


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