Friday, December 24, 2010

272. Favorites (Funniest)

I’m going out of town, away from my dinosaur computer. If your personal holiday is a quagmire of drunken relatives and only two-fights-short of going to jail has a lull or two and you want to read something funny, I have hand-selected 5 of my absolute favorite blog postings that you may or may not have read.

Here goes:
(you have to manually click over to them, because my slooooooooow computer is not cooperating in letting me just put the direct link here for you, sorry!)

98.  Feed What
46.  Drive-By Drop-In
103.New Best Friend
57.  Doctors Should Look Old

Enjoy! Have a slice of my family makes me crazy apple pie for me too!



  1. So what's wrong with your dinosaur computer??? Might that be the new DELL???? Hehehehe!!!!

  2. oh, no, the new King Dell sits in its pretty cardboard box on the floor begging me or The Husband to hook it up. :) We are in that limbo spot between old computer and hooking up new computer with all its spam-guards and proper firewalls (I don't want beautiful King Computer to get sick!!).

  3. Send it back while you can!!!! You'll never regret it!!!!! A P P L E ! ! !


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