Friday, December 24, 2010

270. Update

We celebrated Christmas this morning. I had mentioned in a previous blog posting that I would be “recycling” in the truest sense of the word this Christmas by giving The Husband items he already owned and loved.

However, I wanted to give you, my loyal reader, an update. I did not give The Husband his leather jacket nor his alarm clock nor a butter knife like I originally planned. After thinking it over, I thought this idea was really quite silly.

I gave him some magazines he’s already read, his old backpack, and some socks I just took out of the dryer. Oh, yeah, and his car keys and house keys (the look on his face was well worth the weeks of planning and secrecy).

("Mission Of Value")

PS—he gave me my red suede shoes that I need to have re-soled, and my black sweater from Banana Republic (complete with fur shed on it by our cat). Merry Christmas!


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