Thursday, December 16, 2010

257. You're So Photogenic!

So I take good pictures. I don’t mean I'm a good photographer (although I'm that too), I mean 99% of the time I am smiling and look pretty for photos. We’re talking Christie Brinkley here—in pictures, there is no bad angle for MOV. This is a huge disconnect, because I do not actually look like that in real life.

(what I look like in photos:  see below)

It has gotten to the point where people come over and ask, “Why do you have your sister’s wedding photos everywhere? And wow, your sister is gorgeous!” I say, that 11 x 14 bridal photo on the fireplace mantle? That’s me! And then they laugh and say, “Uh…… no. Really?” (long uncomfortable pause), “Uh, but you look so beautiful in that photo and in real life, you……well, I guess you’re just very photogenic.” (This, as we all know, is code for: you look like a slob in person.)

There I am, sporting sweatpants, a messy ponytail, and no mascara; honestly I can understand the confusion. It’s like being at the movies and the voices are out of sync with the actors’ mouths; it’s disconcerting.

(what I look like in real life:  see photo below)

The Husband does not share my little problem. Oh, no. The Husband is 6’4”, and somehow, whoever happens to take his photo (not me, remember I said I was a good photographer) manages to insert a strategically placed tree or lamppost or tall building or flagpole so it appears to be growing out of his head. In. Every. Shot. We now call them his “hats”.

Which begs the question: will our sons’ photos be a hybrid—smiling and looking beautiful while scaffolding grows out of their heads?

(“Manipulating Optimum Vision”)


  1. You made me laugh out loud, and to top it off I said the same thing when you sent photos from me to work from though I had not seen you in person :) I have the opposite problem, I have a photo taken and I reel in horror, thinking surely I don't look like that...

  2. thank you for stopping by! Hopefully I can accomplish in words (on my blog) what you do with your stunning art: inspire people and make them happy.


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