Tuesday, December 7, 2010

242. Judgey

Today’s “Word of the Day” is judgey.  (I know this is not an actual real word, and in fact, I cannot claim credit for this masterpiece of a word as indeed I stole it from cyberspace from a virtual friend.)  This is a great term for a variety of purposes. Sometimes, I find myself acting judgey (I cannot beleeeeve she let her toddler go outside with no coat again!). More often, I am on the receiving end of people being judgey (“Nice top”, but said in such a way that it is quite clear it is not a nice top after all).

Judgey people are mean (well, I don’t mean that I am mean, I’m not mean). Judgey people are, uh, judgmental. They need to stop judging others (and their cute new tops) and maybe look in the mirror at themselves (and their own tops, which they may or may not have spilled ketchup on).

Honestly, who has the time to go around being judgey (well, I guess I did, when I was in my 20’s; but now that my “Decade of Insecurity” is over, and my “Decade of Having Children” is over, I can finally concentrate on my new adventure: the “Decade of I-Don’t-Have-Time-To-Wash-My-Own-Hair-Let-Alone-Worry-About-Your-Hair”).

What is with the constant competition? “My kid is soooooo smart, he’s reading at, like, a 10th grade level” (oh, wait, I said that).

We are all doing the best we can. As my mother likes to say, “No one gets up in the morning and thinks ‘Hmmm, I’ll try to do a bad job today.” We need to embrace one another as flawed individuals and try to help and/ or learn without trying to make the other person feel bad. Who benefits if the other person feels bad (besides his/ or her new therapist)?

From now on, I'm going to refrain from saying anything that could be construed as catty. Furthermore, I am going to make every effort to avoid even thinking catty or derogatory thoughts (this will be the true test; I will have to train myself to think “oh, look, it’s not raining” instead of “that dress is way too tight”).

And my first opportunity arrives on my doorstep at 9:45 AM—two new “friends” selling Jesus, and one is wearing an ill-fitting dress oh look, it’s not raining out.

(“Must Observe Virtues”)

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