Monday, November 29, 2010

231. Really? Spider Webs, Really?

So I went to Target this morning with Short.  Target is our ritual.  We were not in the store any longer than normal, yet, when we returned to the car, there it was, on my dashboard, in all its sparkly and glittery luminescence:  a spider web

Really?  Come on, Spider, I wasn't gone that long.  Did the Other Bugs radio out to you, "Come in, Spider, this is Grasshopper.  Yeah, she just left home 13 minutes ago, she should be pulling into the parking lot right about now..... over".  Then Ant chimes in, "Roger that, we have her in sight currently.  Black Highlander, license plate reads 'MOV'.  She is parking in spot 657-a.  Spider, assume your position, please."

Next thing you know, Short and I innocently walk into Target to pick up a couple things and Spider (rudely and presumptuously, in my opinion) assumes that we'll be gone for, what? like 6 hours?

Spider, I have a little newsflash for you:  we were done in just 10 minutes this time.  Ha!

(I forgot my wallet.)



  1. Overachieving spider. Maybe it is a Virgo too? (I'm a Leo. I wouldn't know about these things.)

  2. spider must be a virgo! (and I am awfully fond of leos........O



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