Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2255. Editors—There Job Sucks

So I was sitting her typing my perfect little blog and thinking, “Wow—editor's have such a difficut job!” I mean, thinbk about it: do they ever get a day of? Probalby not. They are constanty aware of any stray typo, any mised letter, any mangeld sentence.  

If I was an editor (and tahnk God, I’m I’m not), I’m sure my poor brian would just kicj into overdrive evreywhere i’d go, metnally correctng lunch menus and hand-wrtten yard sale signs all over town.  .

(Honetsly, typos can be so distracting from the true message the author is tryiny to get acrross!)

This skill, this indispultable talent of seeing every tny error, would be both an asset ad a curse. Good thing I alway remember to use spell-check, especially if I want want to impresss someone improtant. 


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