Tuesday, November 16, 2010

214. She Runs

So your friend is telling you this story about how she was going to go for a long run on this new trail that someone had told her about and it happened to be freezing on the chosen day but she went anyway and she parked her car and ran a 6 mile loop and felt fantastic but when she got back to where she parked the car this suspicious-looking guy was standing there and she felt nervous but against her better judgment she opened her car just to grab her water bottle and she inadvertently tossed her keys in the front-seat because the guy was making her feel uncomfortable and—oops—you guessed it! she locked her keys in the car and now she was really stuck because it was just her and the guy and what was she supposed to do now but it turns out the guy saw that she was locked out and he was super-nice and he and his wife just moved to the area and he has three kids and anyway he ended up loaning her his cell phone so she could called triple A and get them to break into her car and the guy was so kind he offered to wait with her and the irony was not lost on her that he was the reason she was scared and locked out and now here he was offering her help and boy did she misjudge the original situation and then she called her husband on the guy’s cell phone and he said he could drive over if she wanted but the main thing is she was just so cold standing there because she had (stupidly) tossed her jacket in the car with the keys.

While she tells you this entertaining little story and you are waiting to find out how long it took triple A to get there or if the guy stayed or if her husband drove over from work, what you are really thinking is: this would make a great blog, would she be offended if I took her story and made it sound like it happened to me?

("Minor Ostensible Variations")


  1. I am totally not offended. Okay, maybe a little because you didn't include the part about the adorable english bulldog this guy had with him. The dog made the story.

  2. I do not remember you saying anything about a dog!!! All I remember is that your GPS was stolen... wait, was that a different story?


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