Monday, November 15, 2010

211. Flavors of Ice-Cream

See?  This right here is why I don't branch out and try new ice-cream flavors.  I love the classic mint-chip, and I will forever stay loyal to mint-chip.  I guess I am a traditional gal.  Why ruin a good thing (ice-cream) with a kooky flavor (not mint-chip or even that old stand-by, vanilla)?  We went on a brief road trip a few weeks ago, and saw the sign below.  And between you and me, isn't that price a bit steep for one scoop (or do you think they're talking about a gallon? it does say, "MEAL" after all, doesn't it)?  Maybe it's a Pennsylvania thing? Thank God they accept Mastercard and VISA, because I normally don't have that kind of cash on me for a light snack.   

("Makes Only Vanilla")

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