Thursday, November 11, 2010

202. My Blog Gets Stellar Reviews!

Well, the happy day has finally come that Someone Important has reviewed my blog and given it high ratings. As a fairly new-ish blogger (6 months on the scene), I realize how crucial it is to have Someone Important like my blog and have good things to say about it. This is, as you know, all leading up to my ultimate goal of having a book of my blogs published (and the happy corollaries of fame and wealth too).

Here is what Someone Important said in his review:

“I have been following MOV’s blog for a couple days (thank God not since the beginning!), and she is just NOT a good writer. She’s trying and trying to be funny, yet she’s failing miserably. I wish I had never bothered to stop by her site! I read it at first (the thing was recommended by a friend) to get a quick laugh, but just the opposite happened: I cried. Until her blog is forcefully removed from the internet, I will not rest easy. Could it be that hard to come up with something funny every once in a while? Not this contrived stuff. You see, I prefer humor that is straight forward, not a convoluted mess. Poor MOV. Someone needs to tell her not to quit the day job. Ugh, can you imagine if she decided to do this full-time!? Yikes, good riddance, sanity! Hello, bad writing!”

I was so thrilled that SI had taken the time to review my work that I decided to post his review for everyone to read. Of course, due to space limitations, I was forced to edit it down just a tad:

“I have been following MOV’s blog…… since the beginning! She is….a good writer. She’s….. funny…..stop by her site! I read it first….thing….. to get a quick laugh. I cried…. Until….. I….. could…..not……. see….. straight. MOV……quit the day job… this full-time! Good…. writing!”

There. A little editing never hurt anybody.



  1. Perfect! SI is a moron. I love your blog and will definitely be following it from now on.

  2. I agree with Anne.

    And, your EDITING is EXCELLENT!!



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