Wednesday, November 10, 2010

200. What I Look Like

Well, two hundred blogs.  Huh.  That's kind of a lot, especially when compared to, say, state homework or trips to Target.  All this time and you still don't know what I look like.  Did you think my profile does not have a photo of me because
  1. I am so vain that no photo will do me justice
  2. I am terrified that Cyber-nuts will stalk me and start following me to the high-end kitchen store where I pretend to work
  3. I am not photogenic at all and fear that my photo will send people screaming and fleeing into the streets (will you keep reading if you think I am not pretty?)    OR
  4. I have absolutely no idea how to post pictures on a blog
If you guessed #4, then congratulations!  You're right!  You must actually know me pretty well.  But that was yesterday, and this is today.  A few blogs ago, I experimented and was able to post a picture of a GBC (green-bean casserole), so, lucky you, you get to witness the first ever picture of me posted on my blog. 

Here it comes, just scroll down a little bit......

Keep going.......

There I am!  Yep, that's me (sorry I did not blowdry my hair for that picture).  Actually, I know I look a little tired, and some might say "frazzled" in that shot.  I'll admit, it's probably not the best photo of me.

Maybe you'd rather see me as my adoring sons see me:

See?  Now I can't get the photo thing to work.  Grrrrr.  This is exactly why I need a new computer.  Okay, the photo that was supposed to go here was the same type of line drawing, but with a mad face (you know, eyebrows tilted down).

Then, I was going to say something clever and witty (insert clever and witty thing here) about how I looked before I had kids (uh, relaxed? rested?) and then there would be the final image in my MOV Photo Trilogy, and it would essentially be a generic-looking smiley face.

Well, let's all pray that I take a computer class and learn how to upload photos properly, and maybe even a cartooning class so my pictures look a little better.


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