Wednesday, November 10, 2010

199. The Shirt

So The Husband is wearing this goofy shirt that says “Team Eagle Challenge 2009”, and I (innocently enough) say, “What is that shirt all about?” He looks at me like I just landed from Mars and says, “Hon, don’t you remember? This is from that work retreat that I went on, where we did all that team-building stuff.”

Huh. The Husband is a cost analyst, not a Firefighter nor Forest Ranger nor Military Guy. What kind of team-building games exactly do they do: Who can Add Numbers The Fastest (without a calculator)? or Who Can Drink 5 Espressos & Still Make A Spreadsheet? or how about the Telephone Transfer Relay, where they see who can transfer a phone call the most times without the caller hanging up (bonus points if the caller actually calls back after being disconnected)? 

(Do you think my negative attitude directly correlates in any way to the reason why I myself am not a cost analyst?)


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