Friday, September 17, 2010

136. Bonbons

Dear Diary,

Today was a disaster. Soon after I got Short off to preschool, I realized that we were out of bonbons. As you can imagine, I was devastated. How could this have happened?

(The last time I sent our Errand Boy to the market, I made sure he purchased extra so I would always have enough on hand. It makes me suspicious that he possibly scavenged a few when I wasn’t looking?)

My afternoon was ruined. Imagine: just as I was sitting down at 1 PM with my first glass of Chardonnay to watch Oprah, I reach for the box of bonbons and realize it’s EMPTY.

My mind was racing. What should I do now? I can’t watch Oprah without my bonbons! I started to panic. There was absolutely no laundry to do, the house was immaculate (as usual), the frig was fully stocked (well, other than the bonbons), dinner was made in advance (natch), errands were already done, all bills paid, emails caught up, phone calls returned.


I did not like this disruption in my routine. Finally, I realized that I would have to be more adaptable and try to adjust my schedule accordingly: I took my two-hour nap earlier than usual.

(“Mom’s Our Viticulturist”)

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  1. I sense a LITTLE sarcasm here!!! Love it! My motherhood experience EXACTLY!


When you write a comment, it makes me feel like I won the lottery or at the very least like I ate an ice-cream sundae. (This has nothing to do with the fact that I did just eat an ice-cream sundae.)