Thursday, September 16, 2010

135. Spell-Check

Deer Readers,

As someone who likes to right, I sea the benefit of a tool like Spell-check. Ewe may have herd that its a grate invention; in fact, every won I no uses it two—I personally use it at leased several times a weak.

(They’re is a lot at steak hear; I don’t wont my writing to embarrass me………. too sum, it might seam trivial, but I halve know patients four people who don’t bother too use Spell-check. Honestly, its knot a waist of time. Better two air on the side of caution.)

Thyme after thyme, if I just weight for Spell-check to scan my hole document, it will correct any errors that I might right. If their is a word I have mist, aisle just due a simple “click-click” of a button, and Spell-check will fined it four me! It will identify witch word is incorrect. (Sum times, I might even have seven oar ate mistakes.) You can’t say know to a feature like that! When you are threw, you are aloud two altar the word.

Next time you our board, wok to the kitchen and get yourself a glass of whine, than pick up a book or magazine to reed. When you stop and paws, yule see that the writer used Spell-check. I’d love to meat the won who invented it—he new the value of this tool.  (Remember that it was me who tolled ewe about it!)

As ewe can sea, eye even used Spell-check hear—I wood be sew lost without it. Of coarse I use it! Weed shed many a tier oar go crazy if we had to correct everything ourselves (how bazaar and what a pane that wood be). You can have piece of mind knowing that Spell-check will never let ewe down; you don't have two just prey that you used the write word.  As weave scene, Spell-check is vary use full; eye mite not be able to right without it!

(“Mist Obligatory Verbiage”)


  1. Grate job with everything you right!

  2. My head literally is aching after reading that... Ouch.


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