Thursday, September 9, 2010

127. Ah ah ah

Does anyone else do this? When my kids are doing something bratty and I want them to stop, I make this kooky noise like Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-eh-eh-eh-eh! The Husband says I sound like a parakeet. He says, “Why do you do that? you sound stupid and you should know that if you are trying to get the kids to stop doing something, it’s completely ineffective.” I sound stupid? I don’t think I sound stupid. I think I sound like a mom who is (potentially) going to lose it. Why do I make that weird sound? I think it’s because while the Annoying And Possibly Dangerous Thing is occurring (jumping from furniture piece to furniture piece, swinging cat like a doll, intentionally pouring glass of milk all over steak, etc), I am so flabbergasted by what they’re doing that I’m rendered temporarily speechless. “Ah-ah-ah,” is all that comes out of my pathetic little voice box. Additionally, I DO believe it makes them stop doing the Annoying And Possibly Dangerous Thing. Or at least wonder when the parakeet flew into the room. MOV ("Mom's Our Ventriloquist")

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