Saturday, September 4, 2010

123. Words

What should I write about today? I have too many ideas; my head is full of words. Excuse me while I pick up some that spilled out: Food expiration dates Relationship expiration dates People who think they’re helpful Ham Long airplane trips Proletariat The smell of chlorine Shatterproof Temperament Even-tempered Tempered glass Raunchy Verbal diarrhea Credibility gap Bundt cake Caked on dirt Meticulous Ridiculous Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer Will it rain tomorrow Seattle Thumbtack Tacky Insistent Consistent Persistent Resistant Recessive gene Skinny jeans Skinny jeans—do they look good on anyone? Redundant Resplendent Paris, France Paris, Texas Paris Hilton Hilton Hotel Ritz Carlton Seaboard Overboard I’m bored Snowboard Grouse Gray mouse Disencumber Cucumber To disencumber someone of their cucumbers Caustic wit Sermon Soprano Macaroni and cheese Italy Travel Time travel Time to travel Island I land on an island Hawaii Ocean Oceanic 6 Lost Found My brain is like “Twitter” on crack. The ideas hover in my head, a thousand fireflies waiting to light up. Will you run out of ideas? Does the ocean run out of water? does the sky run out of blue? does the Grand Canyon run out of, I don’t know, European tourists? Ideas attack me. They come out of no where and bite me in the face. WRITE ME DOWN RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT, they say rudely. It’s a curse. I have more ideas than there are hours to write them. When do I write? That is like asking someone when they breathe. ALL THE TIME. I am writing in my dreams when I am "supposedly" asleep. I am writing while I am living a situation: I will pause and think how that would make a great story later. I remind myself to keep a pen close by in case the Million Dollar Phrase strikes. So today’s essay is me writing about not writing. MOV (“Mind Over Voice”)

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