Thursday, August 19, 2010

102. Standby Blogs

Hi Loyal Readers!

I often run into friends who "say" they have read my blog, but then after I quiz them heavily (note to self: not a good way to make friends nor keep friends) it turns out they might have read just one or two. Then they will say something like, "Well, it was kinda funny, I might've laughed once but then I had to do some laundry," OR "Yeah, I started to read it, but then I noticed that there were about 100 blogs you had posted--God, are we really THAT good of friends that I have to read all 100?!-- and I was worried my husband put my favorite black ribbed top in the dryer (the one from Nordstrom's and it will definitely shrink)".

My point is: they did not even get to the really good stuff yet. Since I am not just an extremely talented writer but also an extremely thoughtful one, I thought I would highlight some of my all-time favorite blogs for you to read. If you only have a limited amount of time to see what I am all about, then check these out. (Consider this a "MOV Primer".) Enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by.

MOV ("Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont"-- places where I'm famous; well, not yet)

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