Saturday, August 7, 2010

87. Actual Comments From Actual Readers

Thank you to all my great blog-supporters! Thanks to folks like you, I can sit around in my pajamas typing and drinking coffee while simultaneously ignoring my children and leaving them to their own devices! Win/ Win for everyone!

That being said, I thought you might enjoy reading some of the more favorable comments I have received. I have sure enjoyed writing them-- oops, I mean reading them.

"I laugh OUT LOUD at your blog with alarming frequency. :) Yep, I'm a follower." -- Peggy C.

"You always say what we think. Thanks for putting it into words." -- Kimberly P.

"I've just spent the last 40 minutes reading your blog and it is just about the funniest thing ever! I can relate to every single one of your posts. I'm going to send the link to your blog to my girlfriends. You may soon have MANY followers!" -- Regan D.

"I wanted to tell you that I just read your blog... well, okay- the first story so far- and I will tell you that I think you ARE FREAKING HILARIOUS!" -- Jaime Z.

"She told me she was writing a blog, and I read it as sort of a courtesy because she was feeding our hamster while we were out of town. But then I found it to be addictive and hilarious. " -- Random NeighborMom

"I like your blog! You're quite funny." -- Stephen S.

"Thank you, MOV. My netflix DVD's are starting to lose some of their appeal and I found your blog VERY FUNNY! Thank you for the self-promotion -- I enjoy your writings." -- Kathleen M.

"I love the blog! The doctor one was hilarious." -- Dr. Rodarte

"My wife has a blog? Really? Does she mention me in it?" -- The Husband

"OH MY GOSH I just peed in my pants I was laughing so hard. I am lovin' this blog site :-) " -- Jennifer P.

"Worthy of publication." -- MOV's father

"MOV and I work together at the high-end kitchen store. She told me about her blog, and I read it and laughed until I cried. She is absolutely hysterical. But don't let her fool you into thinking she does any work at work. She mostly just shops." -- Kim Walker

"Your blog cracks me up and I can relate to a lot of your entries." -- Caroline B.

"Well, MOV is one of my very dear friends. We go waaaaay back to the time when she was stalking me and then we met. The stalking was a little, uh, unsettling, but we have moved past that to become great friends!" --Sammi

"Her blog sucks. Everything she says is lies, especially the stuff about me. (Did I really get two hamsters when I was seven? If so, I have blacked it out)." --Oakley

"Hilarious!!!! Thanks for brightening my day. I'll definitely read more when I can sneak in a peek at work today." --Janet H.

"I love her." --Tall

"Well, I love her more than you do!" --Short

"I am a writer myself (see New York Times Best Seller List) and I definitely consider her a rival." --Laurie Notaro* (*quote not actually provided by Laurie Notaro)

"One of my favorites-- great descriptions and details." -- Hobbes

"I used to date MOV, and I thought we might get engaged at one point. All can say is: looks like I dodged a bullet!" -- Paul Williams* (*name changed to protect privacy)

"I've been enjoying your blog. It is quite entertaining." --Jen S.

"Here at the office, we talk about her column quite a bit. She has her finger on the pulse of America. We especially like her feedback on retail operations, like Target." --Gregg Steinhafel, CEO of Target Corp.

"I think her writing is a little spooky because everything she writes is exactly MY life too!" -- MOV

"Highly recommend this blog. I actually forwarded the link to everyone on my entire email list, even my ex-husband, and they all loved it!" -- Dr. H

"MOV and I became friends back when we were flight attendants at United. She was just like this on the airplane too! Always making jokes at other people's expense, spilling things on passengers, having a messy appearance. (Honestly, I am kinda surprised she didn't get fired.) But deep down, you know, I feel sorry for her. That's why I read her blog." -- Grace Hayes

"What a fruitcake." --Aime B.

"I was bored, so I took a look. Pretty funny stuff." -- President Obama* (*quote not provided by President Obama)

So, as you can see, as a reader of my blog, you are certainly in good company! Thank you for stopping by.

("Mimicking Our Voices")


  1. I agree with MOV Father....This is so worthy of publication. Writing is your calling! I will be your greatest fan! Love it all -

  2. all right, MOV, now you're reduced to making up comments about your comments? Does Kimberly Pardue really exist, or is she one of your creations? You stop at NOTHING!

    (Hee heeeeee! ;)

    (Kimberly: MOV can assure you I'm just joking ... I don't REALLY think she's made you up. I think. ?? ;)

  3. i can't believe this i'm in the library again right now and decided to read more you can tell I am making my way down to your older blogs. dammnnnit . I saw u were originally from PA..thats where I live ! :)

  4. thanks Christina! and I have to apologize if some of my older blogs are not in paragraph form. My bizarro Antique Computer decided to reformat some of my blogs without asking me, so several of them are huge run-on sentences. I am trying to edit them back to normal one-by-one. Please don't give up on them, they are still entertaining!


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