Monday, August 30, 2010

116. Scheduling Friend Try-Out's

Friend Try-Out’s


  • My house, tomorrow afternoon, 3 PM
  • Might only take 10 minutes if we "click" immediately; if you are up against several qualified candidates, may take a few hours (make sure you are ready for time commitment)
  • Bring a sharpened pencil (there may be a short quiz possibly involving gardening)
  • What I am looking for: someone to gossip with, someone who mostly says either really funny things (about others) or really nice things (about me). Bonus points if you are willing to watch my kids for a couple hours while I do Important Things (necessary things like "write my blog" or "sleep" or "catch up on TiVo'd shows")

Need not apply if:

  • You are an Underminer (I can undermine myself just fine, thankyouverymuch, I do not need my New Best Friend to do it for me)
  • You don't understand my sense of humor (read blogs 77--85 or 109--112; if none of those make you laugh, well, you can just go read that Prairie Woman's blog instead. Maybe she is more your cup of tea.)

Application Fee:

  • $15 (will be waived if you submit home-made brownies with paperwork)


  • You get to be in my company! Isn’t that enough? (if it's not enough, maybe I can talk to Absolut about a fun little Corporate Sponsorship—I’ll keep you posted)

MOV ("Mantra Of Value")


  1. So, how did that turn out? Anyone show up with brownies?

  2. still waiting..........



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