Saturday, August 28, 2010

113. Prizes!

It has come to my attention that some of you prefer blogs with prize giveaways. My friend B. at work says, “You know, MOV, that Prairie Woman gives away things on her blog.” Apparently, Prairie Woman gives away cameras and toasters and i-pads and Kitchen-Aid stand-mixers. Sigh. How can I compete with THAT? So, I remind B. that I am just starting out with writing my blog; I've only been doing it for about three months. She looks me in the eye, carefully considers my statement, and then replies, “I’m just saying.” Fine, B. Be that way. You know what? I CAN GIVE STUFF AWAY TOO. So, dear readers, welcome to my first giveaway blog. Today is your lucky day! Now, keep in mind that Prairie Woman has been posting her blog for a couple years now, she probably has big-wig corporate sponsors and such (Absolut, are you listening? Vodka always makes a nice prize). So, PW may possibly have slightly better prizes than I do. But, that’s OK, because I don’t have to pay shipping charges on my prizes. Ha! That’s right: I'm going to give away words. Here is our first prize up for the day: “ambiguous”. This is a great word to incorporate into just about any conversation. You’re welcome! Which brings me to my second (runner-up) prize, which is not just a single word, but actually a whole phrase: “you’re welcome”. This is something we just do not have enough of. Try it out! “You’re welcome!” “You are welcome too!” Okay, I know that's a lot on my very first day of handing out prizes. I don’t want to just pass them out indiscriminately. That brings me to our last and final prize of the day: “indiscriminately”. Try that one at Scrabble! You’re welcome again! Well, you know what? I'm feeling generous. As a tiny little small bonus, I have a couple letters left over, that I guess could be sort of like door prizes. Here ya go: letter “S”. Add that puppy onto just about anything desirable, like dollar. Now you have dollars! You’re welcome! (Remember not to add that “S” onto things you don’t want, like car accident. Oooh, car accidents. Bad.) Last letter of the day: “O”. You can use it right now! As in, “O, that MOV is just about the best writer EVER, and you know who else thinks so? Oprah.” (Well, she would if she read any of my writing.) And just wait till you see tomorrow’s prizes. (You’re welcome.) MOV ("Mother Of Vowels")


  1. Woo hoo! I won! I won! Did I win? Hmm, maybe not. It's rather ambiguous and I don't want to necessarily comment indiscriminately, but prizeS are great! O so great! You're welcome!

  2. yes you won! obviously! oh, wait. My mistake.



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