Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100. One Hundred

Did you notice that today is officially the 100th Blog? Wow! To kick off the fiesta, let’s make a fun list of 100 things you want, and 100 things you don’t. Here goes: 100 Things You Want: 100 dollars 100 flattering photo angles 100 happy memories 100 recipes you know how to make 100 pieces of museum-caliber art work 100 friends 100 presents to receive at Christmas time 100 blades of grass in your yard (might be happy with 70 at this point) 100 trash bags so you never run out 100 good ideas to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day 100 minutes to work-out 100 good excuses not to 100 hours by yourself 100 pens that work (how about even one) 100 pages of a really great novel to read 100 minutes to read it 100 outfits that fit, look good, and are clean 100 kisses from your husband 100 days to travel to Italy (or Hawaii) for vacation 100 songs you know all the words to 100 things you’re really good at (laundry does not count) 100 people to work for you (might want to start with Laundry Girl) 100 hours of free-babysitting 100 M&M’s 100 pounds of gold 100 shiny pennies to give the kids for wishing in fountains 100 sunny days 100 hysterically funny blogs (well, maybe 30 were "pretty good"?) 100 Things You Don’t: 100 vaccinations 100 chocolate milkshakes (one would be nice though) 100 degree weather (especially not in conjunction with melty milkshakes, see above) 100 grasshoppers (or crickets), especially if they live in your basement 100 days of rain 100 minutes of Sponge Bob Square Pants (or Chuggington) 100 teacher gifts you have to buy 100 Christmas cards you have to write 100 enemies 100 parking tickets (actually, even 2 or 3 really suck) 100 bug bites (typical day in Crazy Town backyards) 100 gallons of bugspray (see above) 100 emails to return 100 emails to delete 100 voice mails to ignore 100 missed opportunities 100 Lego’s to step on 100 marbles to slip on 100 small pieces of toys that somehow don’t go to anything 100 songs you botch the words to 100 nights of missed sleep 100 movies you didn’t get to see 100 places you’ll never get to visit 100 diseases 100 gray hairs 100 things to feel guilty about 100 clothes your kids have outgrown in the past 100 days 100 THOUSAND people at the mall trying to buy back-to-school stuff at the same time as you 100 bounced checks 100 miles to drive 100 chunks of hail 100 bolts of lightening (maybe it just seems like it) 100 tantrums 100 pieces of junk mail 100 family members that no longer speak to you (wait, should that be on the first list?) MOV (“Mileage On Vacation”)


  1. completely disagree on the milkshakes. gimme two every day for 50 damn days and i'd die a happy woman.

  2. Hobbes wants to congratulate you on your 100th blog!


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