Thursday, July 8, 2010

32. Opposite Of Cute

So I am at the mall sans enfant. What a luxury to be alone! I am somewhat in a hurry, but when am I not in a hurry? I am wearing the universal "mom uniform" of a mom-ponytail with a mom-baseball hat followed by a chaser of mom-make-up (read: none). Mercifully, I am not wearing mom-jeans, but I do have on the next best thing: mom-shorts. I am not really concerned about my looks today--I'm sure I look somewhat cute, or at the very least, presentable. But I just need to get some stuff done. A window display catches my eye. Oooh, shiny, pretty! I like everything in this window. Then I glance up and see another mom inside the store and she is staring at me (I know--rude!). She recognizes my universal "mom uniform" (I notice she is wearing something remarkably similar, we must shop at the same stores, like Target) and then we exchange a knowing glance. She does not have children with her either. I look a little more carefully at her, and I absorb the fact that she looks a little tired. Beyond tired: she is treading in the category of haggard. Poor thing. God, I know her! (Do I know her?) I am at this moment so very grateful that I do not look as bad as she does. Rough night, sister? I remember the sleep-deprivation era of having a new baby! I gloat to myself-- ha! I got 8 hours of sleep, like a normal person. I would not want to trade places with her, that's for sure. Ugh, didn't she bother to even brush her hair? What does her husband think? Yeah, we have all been in her shoes, but honestly how can she even leave the house looking like that? She looks like the exact opposite of cute. I shake my head and turn to walk away; I glance back one more time, I don't know why. That's when I see her again: MY REFLECTION. MOV ("Mystery Of Vision")


  1. Oh man! Not a pretty picture, is it?

  2. couse, I feel bad that you had to read it while it was not formatted correctly. You are a trooper.



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