Sunday, July 11, 2010

44. Dumpster Diver

Yep, that's me. I am a Dumpster Diver and proud of it! Now, to clarify, I am not one of those crazy people who drive around in their husband's truck looking for cast-off treasures. No. I just go driving around in The Husband's truck, maybe on my way to work or something, and THERE IT IS! Eeek, pull over! Perfectly good patio furniture being thrown away! (To put your mind at ease, the furniture is not actually ON their patio, it is by the curb next to the trash cans and there is a "free" sign taped on top of it.) I am some sort of magnet for all cool things free. Toys. Golf clubs. Desk chairs. Wicker patio chairs. Wrought iron patio table. Mirrors. Chandeliers. I kid you not. Sometimes the item in question just needs a quick scrub or a cursory new coat of paint. Voila! If you are good at math like I am, you know that finding great free things is a financial savings of 82%! However, there are times of, how shall I say this? Disappointment. Like the time I stopped to pick up a beautiful dining room table (remember-- I've got The Husband's truck) and on closer inspection, I realized one of the legs was broken! How DARE they throw out a broken table for me to stop and pick up! Or a suitcase with a large hole in the side. Rude and thoughtless is what that is. Inconsiderate. If someone is going to drag an item to the curb because they no longer want it and it is broken, then I think the VERY least they can do is put a sign on it that says "Broken". I'm just sayin'. MOV ("Mom's Other Vice")

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