Sunday, July 11, 2010

43. Date Night

So The Husband and I are out to dinner the other night with another couple, having a social life and being like real people instead of watching TV. My princess life intersects my real life! Yay, me! Acting like a real person with real friends and a real life! I was even wearing a sparkly barrette. So. Much. Fun. Cannot believe I do not do this more often. Great conversation, great company, great food. Just basically great. Then the record scratches. My dear friend Sammi, slim and gorgeous, and her nice husband start talking about their very first date. OK so far. Then, he confides the one thing that immediately attracted him to Sammi: she had eaten her entire meal when they went out to brunch that first time. WHAT?!? All those many years when I was dating and trying to meet a nice guy, I was
  • taking a shower
  • dressing up
  • wearing jewelry
  • washing, blowdrying, and curling my hair
  • working out
  • wearing high heels
  • saying witty things
  • reading women's magazines about witty things I should say
  • wearing make-up
  • reading women's magazines about best way to put on aforementioned make-up
  • making sure no broccoli is in my teeth
  • plucking my eyebrows
  • shaving my legs
  • checking that my breath is OK
  • brushing my teeth
  • flossing
  • bleaching my teeth
  • spending a lot of time on my teeth
  • eating mints
  • not answering call-waiting (don't want to seem rude)
  • reading the newspaper ahead of time to have something relevant to talk about
  • washing my car and vacuuming out the inside
  • straightening my apartment
  • baking brownies
  • leaving work early to get ready
  • laughing at things that aren't really funny just to be polite

and I could have just finished my meal?!?!? THAT'S ALL IT TAKES?

I looked over at Sammi's plate. She had eaten every morsel. Gotta hand it to her.


("Macaroni Omelets Vichyssoise")

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