Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5. Unicorn Mom

So, we are sitting at the dinner table the other night, saying what kind of animal each family member would be if they were an animal.

I told Short that he could be a giraffe because he is getting bigger (he loves to think he is as big as his older brother).

The Husband said Short could be a monkey because he is funny and silly.

Tall said his dad could be a bear because he is big. I said Tall could maybe be a cheetah because he is a fast runner.

I asked Tall what I would be. He said, "Mommy, you would be a Unicorn,"

WAIT FOR IT............................................

"or a goat."

Why is everyone laughing except me???????????

("Mother's On Valium")


  1. Bah! A unicorn OR a goat? What the what? That's just funny right there.

  2. oh, couse, I see you found my archives........



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