Monday, June 14, 2010

12. Exclamationer!

Hello Friends!

If you communicate with your pals via email like I do, then surely you have noticed an alarming trend: that's right, I am talking about the Exclamationer! The Exclamationer is a person who makes every email into one long breathless must-read punctuated by the QUITE NECESSARY (ooh-- another friend has been introduced now: THE CAPITALIZER) and ubiquitous exclamation point. Everyone has a least one email relationship going with a person like this.

Here is a sample email from my good friend:

"Hi MOV!
It was so great seeing you the other night! How funny that we ran into each other at the dry cleaners, the kids' school, and then the gym, all in the same day! Too funny! What are you, like, stalking me! Ha ha, LOL, I am soooooooooo kidding!
Anyway, the reason I am emailing is because I think Owen might have left his Frisbee at your house last week! Could you possibly take a peek in your yard and see if it is there? I would really appreciate it! Owen is getting so good at Frisbee, he might be in the Frisbee Olympics! (Ha ha, if there even IS such a thing, which I don't think there is, but how ironic if there were!).
Ok, obviously, I am rambling here! So, give me a call! When can I stop by? Talk to you soon! (or maybe I will just see you at the carpool lane again!)
Best regards,

Poor Exclamationer. She never learned the importance of restraint. Everything! Is! So! Important! And! Exciting! I swear, I get worn out just reading her post-its ("MOV! Here is Tall's sweater back! He left it in our car!"). And if by chance, Exclamationer, you are reading my blog (along with 23 other people-- see previous blog), then, honestly, no hard feelings! There was not much to write about today! I had to pick something!


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