Friday, June 25, 2010

21. Interrupted

So pathetic that I have to FIGHT for "Me" time. I am desperate for this time alone. Here is a sample list of how my typical "Me" time gets eaten up while I have my very precious 9 hours per week to myself:

  • get 2 sticks of butter out of frig and lay on counter to make chocolate chip cookies
  • make doctor's appointment on phone (don't want to be interrupted)
  • knock out 2 loads of laundry
  • go to bookstore to buy b-day gift for son's friend (preferable to go solo, so won't endure Will you buy me a book too?)
  • clean house a little bit (because cannot stand filth any longer)
  • order new raincoat online (don't want to be interrupted-- let's just abbreviate to DWTBI)
  • write & mail a birthday card and thank you note
  • order some photos online (DWTBI)
  • take shower (first time in 2 days)
  • watch 20 minutes of Top Chef that I taped 3 weeks ago (DWTBI)
  • go through junk mail and throw out (glamorous! exciting!)
  • realize no time to make cookies after all, put butter back in frig (repeat this butter out, butter back 3 more days in a row)

Arghhhh! Whatever happened to leisurely perusing a magazine? Whatever happened to going for a run (whenever you felt like it, not just when there was a 45-minute chunk of child-free time)? MOV ("Mistress Of Vignettes")

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