Friday, June 11, 2010

10. Camp

I am noticing a disturbing trend, and that is: calling something a name that it is NOT. I am referring here to Short's summer "camp".

Short is in preschool, which has just ended. Now he is signed up for something his preschool calls "camp". Hmmmmm. It costs just the same as his regular school. He goes the same days and the same hours as he did before. The students in his class are the same ones. They do the same types of art activities.

Then for goshsakes, why is it called "camp"? Are they pitching a tent? (uh, no.) Are they roasting hot dogs and making s'mores? (what do you think?) Do they carry a flashlight to school every day and wear an Indiana Jones hat? (they do not.)

When I was a child, I went to something called "camp" and it was, in fact, a camp! We did completely different activities than we normally do. It was held in a different place (not at my school). We were outside most of the day. My point is, let's call things what they ARE. What Short is going to right now, should be called "school".

Short is in for quite an awakening when he eventually DOES go to a "real" camp. Then he will realize that we were all just calling "school" by a different name.

("Munches Outside Vittles")


  1. Yep. Boy 1 went to "Reading and Math Academy" over the summer. Translation = summer school. He went not because he was failing, but as just an extra boost of learning over the summer. But, he figured it out quickly and would say, "Do I have to go to summer school today?"

  2. too smart for their own good.........



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