Tuesday, June 15, 2010

13. Something New

Short and I were leaving the house today to take him to preschool (oops, I mean summer "camp", see previous blog). He asked what I was going to do while he was in camp, and I told him (truthfully) that I was going to Target. This was a big mistake. This is where the "little white lie" should come into play.

What I should have said was something along the lines of "grocery store" or "to get the oil changed in my car" or even "the gym". No. Dumb Old Mommy admits the true destination, which immediately sends Short into a tailspin. "But I want to go too! Can I just go with you?" Then he went on to say that he wanted to go because he wanted a new toy. I reminded him that he has plenty of nice toys already (more than plenty, if you ask me), to which he responded simply, "But I just want something new."

His profound statement caught me off guard. His one sentence pretty much sums up our existence, doesn't it? We always want something new. Who wants to watch a re-run on TV? No, we want the latest episode (we already saw the other episode, so why bother sitting thru it twice). Have you ever bought the same book or magazine twice by mistake? I have. Then you start to read it and realize that it is suddenly sounding VERY familiar. Who wants to waste time on something you have already done? Who wants to wear the same dress twice?

As Americans (and I'm generalizing here, but it is MY blog, so I guess I can do that), we want the latest and greatest. We want to be stimulated! We want to be impressed and impressive! We want to know what is happening RIGHT NOW, not what happened yesterday (yesterday's news). Unfaithful men trade in their first wives for "trophy" wives. They want the newest model.

But I just want something new. I am trying to teach Short exactly the opposite of this: be happy with what you have. But then where did he and I spend all afternoon? In the upscale tile store looking at bathroom tile. Do I really need the extra half bath? No, we could live without it, but I just want something new. It would be so great.

We want to introduce Tall and Short to the world via travel. That is also something new, but I'm hoping that they'll relish the experience and not just the souvenirs. We have not really taken them too far yet (a trip to Colorado, a beach vacation), but plans are on the horizon. Maybe DisneyWorld next year? Will the trip be intoxicating? Will they appreciate it and remember it and treasure it? Or will they gobble up the experience like Pac-Man gobbling up (what did he gobble up, anyway? dots? ghosts?) those flashing lights.

More more more. Give me more. But I just want something new.

("More Overseas Vacations"?)

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