Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6. Free Time

I work part-time at a high-end kitchen store (you know the one). It's a beautiful store, has beautiful products, and the people I work with are great. I basically love everything about it, including how helpful my boss is when it comes to the schedule.

Due to a recent calendar error on my part (my inability to read complicated numbers, like 5-6-7, in square boxes on a calendar and write them down correctly), I had inadvertently asked for the wrong days off. My boss graciously accommodated my (incorrect) request.

When I realized the error, I asked her if there were any extra shifts she needed filled? Sadly, there were not.

I was bemoaning to The Husband the fact that I would have zero money on my next paycheck because of not working. He said, "Honey, that's why it's called 'FREE' time--- because no one pays you for it."

("Meet Our Vice-President") <------yeah, he came into our store once

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